• Array Thickening: More can be less

    When turning flexible file formats into data structures, the consensus seems to be to avoid using arrays whenever possible. However, more arrays may reduce code and coding errors. A plea against the extinction of arrays.
  • vcard4-ts: A TypeScript-first vCard parser

    TypeScript is the amiable and helpful sibling of JavaScript, always there for you, whether you currently do want type safety or you don’t. So it was only natural to use it to make handling digital business cards easier. vCard4-ts is the result of this attempt.
  • CompanyON: Serving as gutSTEIN

    Our gift card solution for regional brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants has been successfully used in Stein am Rhein for almost a year. As of today, the local version for Stein am Rhein, provided by the regional business association, also has a local name: gutSTEIN. The card has become an important asset for the local shopping […]
  • Contact Tracing — Quo Vadis?

    How much we are all looking forward to returning to normal lives: Meeting friends, hugging family, a cool beer, culture. After more than a year, we really deserve it! However, there are still roadblocks in the form of a bloody virus and the countermeasures. Anyone promising a quick end is hailed as a saviour. (This […]
  • Electronic Vaccination Certificate: Eureka! Eureka?

    When I was reading the original “Spiegel” article on the German Electronic Vaccination Certificate, I was fascinated.