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teachPress Enhancements for Publication Management (Updated)

PublicationThumbTeachPress is a WordPress plugin for managing courses (which I do not need here) and publications with support for BibTeX and referencing publications from posts.

The teachPress BibTeX database already contains most of the information about the publications in a structured format. So instead of manually replicating the information in a post, I decided to extend teachPress, such that I can reuse all the BibTeX information with shortcodes.

The goal was to have most standard information (authors, title, publishing information, abstract, download link) only in the publication metadata. Further information, such as related work, special comments etc. could then flexibly be added to the post as needed. Continue reading teachPress Enhancements for Publication Management (Updated)

How to create DNSsec DANE TLSA entries

DANE ThumbRationale

One of the most promising features for DNSsec is the ability to tell a client which certificate to expect when connecting via Transport Layer Security (TLS). RFC 6698 specifies how TLS Authentication information can be put into DNSsec. So when you ask for the IP address of the server, you can simultaneously obtain the information which certificate should be presented when connecting. This has the potential to greatly simplify certificate handling: Continue reading How to create DNSsec DANE TLSA entries