• CompanyON: Serving as gutSTEIN

    Our gift card solution for regional brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants has been successfully used in Stein am Rhein for almost a year. As of today, the local version for Stein am Rhein, provided by the regional business association, also has a local name: gutSTEIN. The card has become an important asset for the local shopping […]
  • Contact Tracing — Quo Vadis?

    How much we are all looking forward to returning to normal lives: Meeting friends, hugging family, a cool beer, culture. After more than a year, we really deserve it! However, there are still roadblocks in the form of a bloody virus and the countermeasures. Anyone promising a quick end is hailed as a saviour. (This […]
  • Electronic Vaccination Certificate: Eureka! Eureka?

    When I was reading the original “Spiegel” article on the German Electronic Vaccination Certificate, I was fascinated.
  • Generating Multi-Architecture Docker Images Made Easy

    Docker is cool and portable, but distributing Dockerfiles comes at a disadvantage: The demands on the build environment are high. Distributing Docker images solves this, but building them for an architecture other than your CPU architecture seems complicated. Here is a simple solution.
  • HomeCA: Scalable Secure IoT Network Integration