Fun Publications

The first honest Baloney Journal

We did it! The first honest Baloney Journal has been founded! It is available at kaese-journal.ch, the German equivalent of Baloney Journal. Submission is open now for the first issue, for anything already the author considers Baloney.

Fun General

Toy store for grown-ups

Toys, games, handicraft and fun should not be limited to children, especially not in a society where creativity is important. I am therefore excited to announce that our small yet beautiful town of Stein am Rhein has a new toy store, focusing on grown-ups. The bigger sibling of the children’s toy store Wundernas, the new […]


Production Planning System for Cookie Clicker (Updated)

Are you serious about your Cookie Clicker production enterprise of intergalactic dimensions? Then you need this time-shifting production planning system with wormhole and cookieverse capability!