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  • Blockchain in a nutshell

    Blockchain in a nutshell

    People often try to claim blockchain use cases without much deliberation. Here is a condensed, quotable version of «Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blockchain» and «Data lifecycle questions, not only for Blockchains».

  • The first honest Baloney Journal

    The first honest Baloney Journal

    We did it! The first honest Baloney Journal has been founded! It is available at, the German equivalent of Baloney Journal. Submission is open now for the first issue, for anything already the author considers Baloney.

  • Toy store for grown-ups

    Toy store for grown-ups

    Toys, games, handicraft and fun should not be limited to children, especially not in a society where creativity is important. I am therefore excited to announce that our small yet beautiful town of Stein am Rhein has a new toy store, focusing on grown-ups. The bigger sibling of the children’s toy store Wundernas, the new…

  • Production Planning System for Cookie Clicker (Updated)

    Are you serious about your Cookie Clicker production enterprise of intergalactic dimensions? Then you need this time-shifting production planning system with wormhole and cookieverse capability!