The first honest Baloney Journal

We did it! The first honest Baloney Journal has been founded! It is available at, the German equivalent of Baloney Journal. Submission is open now for the first issue, for anything already the author considers Baloney.

Have you ever wondered how your colleagues were able to submit their latest baloney in amazingly-sounding journals? And how little information was in there? Now, you can do this, too!

The Baloney Journal[1]This is the contextual translation of the German Käse-Journal; a literal translation would be Cheese Journal. But this is no Cheesy Journal, even though our texts may be tongue-in-cheese. is here to help. It is the first free Open Access journal committed to publishing every piece of baloney!

Our Quality Pledge

  1. We publish any Baloney, whether Swiss, Italian, or international.
  2. We accept any discipline, not just Butchering.
  3. All publications have to pass a rigorously designed quality assurance program based on our established Poor Reviewâ„¢ system.
  4. Any content starting at 0.1 LPU will be consistently accepted.
  5. Google indexed.

Poor Reviewâ„¢

Our commitment to Poor Reviewâ„¢ is unique and deeply rooted. Each and every submission will be intensively superficially reviewed by a member of our highly selective editorial board. Should a submission only have the slightest possibility of exceeding 0.1 LPU, it will be immediately and thoroughly accepted with a standardized review: “I have read the paper and consider it an accept.”[2]This was the whole text of an actual review in a highly esteemed journal which came six months after the other reviews.

This consistent process is unique among documented review processes and assures the necessary scientific reproducibility even of the review process. Our novel and intriguing process is so amazing, it is being considered for the next round of ISO 9000 standardization.


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