Toy store for grown-ups

Toys, games, handicraft and fun should not be limited to children, especially not in a society where creativity is important. I am therefore excited to announce that our small yet beautiful town of Stein am Rhein has a new toy store, focusing on grown-ups. The bigger sibling of the children’s toy store Wundernas, the new store enigmatically called Dingsbums, features all kinds of fun things for teenagers and adults.Beautiful or think-different puzzles are situated next to novel kinds of memory games and brain-teasers. You can also see old games in new clothing. Mechanical and sports-related toys for men can be found there as well as beautiful things for women. Several of the toys and games are locally produced or feature local events and locations, from Stein am Rhein to Switzerland. A number of these local products has been produced in sheltered workshops and help people with handicaps be a part of our society.

We are also proud that the shop is decorated with amazing pictures of the local photographer Chris Sigrist, depicting Stein am Rhein and its surroundings in beautiful ways or angles you have never seen before. Some of his most exciting pictures are also available as exclusive postcards.


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