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  • Eliminate BEAST, CRIME, Lucky13, RC4, SSLv3 weaknesses from binary/legacy applications

    Security is hard. Security that works with a variety of platforms under a flurry of circumstances with an endless choice of applications is practically impossible. SSL and TLS, the Internet security workhorses, try to achieve this feat … and fail from time to time. While some software has been updated, not all of it has.…

  • Keep Time Machine backups from slowing down your server

    Time Machine backups to a Linux machine running Netatalk is a very convenient way of safeguarding your data. However, the I/O load on the server machine can sometimes become very high. Here is a quick hack to improve this, if you need AppleTalk AFP services mostly for TimeMachine.

  • TimeMachine corruption: Use btrfs 🙂

    I do run TimeMachine backups from my MacBook to my Linux server, which is very convenient. However, I sometimes close the MacBook while the backup is going on and walk away. I believe this is the cause for the TimeMachine corruptions that I have once in a while. Even though I tried fixing these TimeMachine…

  • Simple versioned TimeMachine-like backup using rsync

    Over many years, I have dealt with scripts that do backup versioning, i.e., maintain multiple backups. Due to their flexibility, they have been complex to understand and configure. Here is a simple rsync-based tool with a different focus: The experienced systems administrator who wants to keep his system’s complexity down.

  • Using passwordless PostgreSQL login with ownCloud

    I like PostgreSQL and ownCloud, but I do not like passwords, especially if they have to stored in plain text in a widely readable configuration file. So, I wanted to use PostgreSQL peer authentication with ownCloud as well.

  • Ubuntu Apache update broke “Listen” command

    [Updated 2013-07-28: Corrected “https” to “http” in Listen] After a recent Apache update, Apache 2.2.22 (on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS “precise”) the following message appeared in the Apache error log: [error] Server should be SSL-aware but has no certificate configured [Hint: SSLCertificateFile] ((null):0)

  • How to create DNSsec DANE TLSA entries

    How to create DNSsec DANE TLSA entries

    Rationale One of the most promising features for DNSsec is the ability to tell a client which certificate to expect when connecting via Transport Layer Security (TLS). RFC 6698 specifies how TLS Authentication information can be put into DNSsec. So when you ask for the IP address of the server, you can simultaneously obtain the information which…

  • Using a user database backend for Apache authentication

    Would you like to use an existing database for Apache authentication, e.g. instead of the htpasswd file in your small WebDAV server?

  • A fast and simple WebDAV server in Apache

    Are you trying to create set up a WebDAV server with little effort, yet with high performance? Are you doing this for an SME, a small workgroup, or your family? Do you prefer control over your data, so Dropbox is not an option? Do you prefer raw upload and download speed to all the fancy…