One Page CV Template

Einseitiger LebenslaufOne-Page CVs are a common way of getting attention. Services like enhanCV.com allow you to create them online, even autofilling some information from your social network presences, if you want to. Using those online services is not always the best choice, as you might

  1. want to have more design or layout options,
  2. prefer to use a language not supported by the service, or
  3. feel unconfortable about entering personal information online.

Therefore, this one-page CV template was created (download), which relies on style sheets for automatic formatting (and simple global design changes). Use and modify it at will. It has been used and tested with LibreOffice, but should work in OpenOffice and might even form a basis for your experiments in Microsoft Word.

For this template, you also need to obtain the following fonts:

Enjoy and all the best for your endeavors!

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