JSXC 3.1 released: Interoperable open standards chat for any web application

With only a few lines of code, JSXC can turn any web application into a cooperation hub: Standards-compliant instant messaging, group chat, and audio/video calls suddenly are just a click away for your users. And all with security, privacy, reliability, and user-friendliness in mind. For ownCloud/Nextcloud directly in their app repositories, and not much more complicated for SOGo, Ilias, Diaspora*, RoundCube, and whatever you like!

Three years after its first public release and one year after 3.0, we are happy to announce the next significant step of JSXC, the JavaScript XMPP Client. You may know JSXC for its easy integration, XMPP standards compliance, secure WebRTC-based video chat directly from the browser, or its design for secure communication and web integration.

In the past months and year, JSXC has gained quite some momentum:

If you want to have a trustworthy Open Source solution for your communications means which you can host in-house but also allows you to talk to the entire world, then give JSXC a try! It may be only a click away!

Please tell us of your success stories, either with the existing apps or how easy it was to integrate it into your own.

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