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  • pselect() Pitfalls

    pselect() Pitfalls

    When dealing with multiple network connections or timeouts, the select() Unix system call is still the workhorse for many applications. Its well-known and frequently used interface beats the learning curve on the more scalable poll(), epoll(), or /dev/poll interfaces, especially if only a few file descriptors have to be monitored. select()‘s younger sibling, pselect(), adds…

  • Disable client certificate requests for Cyrus IMAP

    Disable client certificate requests for Cyrus IMAP

    Cyrus IMAPd always asks for a client certificate. This can be unnerving for users running Thunderbird as their mail client which have a user certificate installed and are thus always asked whether they want to send it. (There is no way to tell Thunderbird not to send a client certificate, you can only select which…