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  • A SIP library is born

    A SIP library is born

    Inspired by Andrijan M√∂cker’s “√úberallklingel” (Everywhere Bell), I decided to create my own. However, I wanted to use it with a motion sensor and therefore to be able to turn it off and on again, when necessary. I also felt that using Asterisk was overkill and it could be done quickly and much easier with…

  • The Phone Advantage

    The Phone Advantage

    Smartphones and apps have been hyped for over a decade now. But sometimes, the smartphone is not the smartest thing to get an interaction done. A dedicated device or even a plain old phone may be better. Let us look at some advantages of telephones.

  • Telephony of Everything: From IoT to ToE

    Telephony of Everything: From IoT to ToE

    We all know about the Internet of Things. Cool or useless gadgets, which are each controlled by their individual app on our smartphone. This is often very convenient, but not always.